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I am a recent Computer Science Graduate of Cardiff University's School of Computer Science and Informatics, and work as an app developer for Apple's iOS and Mac OS X platforms.

I began learning to program computers at the age of 9 and slowly learnt various aspects of talking to and controlling the computer. In 2006, I released my first app for the Mac. This app was TuneBar, and proved to be an immensely popular and people loved the fact that it allowed them to interact seamlessly with iTunes. TuneBar gave users the ability to get information about what song it was currently playing with the flick of the mouse, or a tap of the keyboard, without being required to return to iTunes themselves.

I entered Cardiff University in 2009, where I spent 3 years learning and immersing myself in as much of the software stack as possible. From high level web languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, jQuery, prototype.js, down to x86 Assembly programming and developing small toy kernels, I was able to quickly learn how a computer actually works and understand the environment and where to find the correct resources to help me further my understanding.

Continuing with the more theoretical studies, I was able to develop and hone my abilities at designing large, and complex systems, from the fundamental algorithms required, to higher level UML diagrams and flowcharts.

All of these skills were crucial to accomplishing my Final Major Project at University; to determine the possibility of being able to map out a Physical Environment with a low cost robot. The project was one of the most complex and challenging I'd ever undertaken and it turned out to be very successful. The algorithms I had designed and used worked in simulations and showed signs of being able to work in the real world. The main limitation I had was the lack of budget, which in turn meant a lack of components. However, the purpose of the project was to determine how effectivley the software could cope, adapt and adjust to the limitations of the hardware.

Following University, I began working at Gear4 in the 'Appcessories' team, working on the projects Renew SleepClock, Sound2Sleep and SoundHive Connect. At Gear4 I gained a lot of experience with Apple's iOS platform and familiarised myself with as much of the API's as I could, from Grand Central Dispatch, to Core Foundation, to the External Accessory framework and to Cocoa touch. I also became very familiar with a number of third party frameworks, including GCDAsyncSocket, JSONKit and CocoaLibSpotify.